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Q&A Advocate Panel

Join us virtually on October 14th, 4-6 PM to hear some of our tenured CASA advocates answer your questions! Whether it’s a topic that was covered in training that you’d like more information on, or perhaps its an issue you are having in your case and you need advice from a more seasoned volunteer – this will be the perfect time to lean on your peers and ask for some insight and suggestions! Zoom link provided upon registration. Please have your questions submitted by October 7th! 

Meet the Advocate Panel!
Chris Spiller has been a CASA volunteer for 6 year advocating for more than 6 children during his tenure. Chris’ educator background has been a strength for the children he serves. Chris is detail oriented, thorough, enters timely and efficient contact logs, dependable, and responsive. Chris has a special way that he connects with the children he serves, they rely on his consistent presence, and seek him out when needed. He is very thoughtful and engaging with the children, understands the trauma they have experienced and takes that into consideration in developing his relationship with them. Ask Chris about the Adoption Team shirts the family made for the child’s adoption day.
Michele Holmes has been a CASA volunteer for 6 years and has advocated for 6 medically fragile children.  She is soft spoken, a fierce advocate, detail oriented, connector, efficient, organized and has navigated educational transitions for her medically fragile children.  Michele’s relationship with caregivers is of a shared mutual respect and collaboration for the best care and interest of the children. Ask Michele about navigating the medical needs of children/how to make connections to the medically fragile children. Ask Michele how she maintains connections with the children despite COVID and what it’s like being unable to access the home in person due to the medical needs and vulnerabilities of the children in the home – she has the answers!
Mark Knox has been a CASA volunteer for 1 year and has advocated for 5 children, ages 3 – 13.  Mark is thoughtful, kind, warm, detail oriented and makes great connections with all involved in his children’s cases.  He brings stability and consistency to the children he serves.  He is also thorough in connecting with all the schools, doctors, and placements to ensure the children receive all the care they need.  Ask Mark how he came to build connections with the children.
Laurie Nicks has been a CASA volunteer for 3 years and has advocated for 6 children, ages 0 to 19.  Laurie is the expert navigator on child placement changes. She creates a trusting relationship with the children.  Laurie is kind, playful, warm, caring, organized, thoughtful and dependable.  She built a favorable and supporting relationship with the CPS worker who came to rely on her input every step of the way.  Her ability to collaborate is a strength.  Laurie is a fierce advocate for the children’s best interest.  Ask her what her best advice would be on how to navigate the system.