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During the last 25 years, CASA 69, Inc. has served more than 700 children who have suffered abuse or neglect in our hometowns. CASA 69 continues to provide valuable volunteer advocacy for every abused child in this area. CASA volunteers serve as the “eyes and ears” for the judge in child welfare case. This includes researching each child’s situation and making objective recommendations to help them reclaim their childhoods from abuse and neglect. CASA volunteers are frequently the only stable presence in these children’s lives as they navigate the foster care system. These volunteers bring three critical qualities to their work: they focus on one case at a time; they bring a unique perspective to the court case; and their sole objective is representing the best interests of the child.

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    April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month! There are 2 great ways you can sponsor our Best Interest Advocacy for the children of Galveston County.

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    Come and join us for an information session about how you can become a Court Appointed Special Advocate!

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    Give an abused and neglected child a CASA TODAY! Children who experience abuse or neglect without a CASA get lost in the child welfare system. Give them specialized advocacy of a Court Appointed Special Advocate!


Our Vision: To provide a CASA for every child who needs one.