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Volunteer Spotlight: Marte

Meet Marte, a volunteer at CASA of Galveston County!
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I retired in 2012 after 40 years as a medical speech-language pathologist. While I worked at UTMB-Galveston, I had contact with CASA advocates on the pediatric unit. I also attended CPS meetings at the hospital and realized the importance of the input from CASA. My work schedule did not fit with volunteering for CASA but it remained a future goal. From childhood, I observed my mother’s commitment to volunteer work – from Infant Welfare to being the leader of my Girl Scout Troop. I volunteered for professional organizations throughout my career and have been a volunteer for the Galveston Island Humane Society since 1999. I assisted in opening the Galveston Children’s Museum in July 2014 and remain an advisor to the museum. I also volunteer one afternoon a week at St. Vincent Clinic to provide rehabilitation services to indigent care clients. Before I retired, I assisted in starting the UTMB Stroke Support Group and continue to assist with it’s operation. In spring of 2017, I saw that CASA was having a volunteer training class and applied. I completed my training in May and started with my first case in June. Although I thought I understood my role as an advocate, I did not really understand how much our advocacy can influence the lives of the children we assist. I have experienced how we make a difference in the lives of these children as well as their caregivers.  Having worked with numerous non-profits, I have been so impressed with the CASA’s excellent organization and friendly environment. Everyone is great to work with and you are never more than a text or phone call away from their assistance. I feel well supported from my supervisor, whether I am completing a court report or reporting in court.  I am just completing my first year with CASA and it has been such a rewarding experience.