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Tutoring Volunteer Acknowledgement Form

In order for a child to receive a tutor, an Education Referral Form for tutoring will be sent by the advocate supervisor. A member of the Education Committee will match a volunteer tutor to the child. The volunteer tutor will be contacted to request tutoring assistance. The tutor would be added to the case in… Read more »

Community Engagement Volunteer Acknowledgement Form

A community engagement volunteer is an advocate who volunteers his or her time by assisting CASA of Galveston County with community outreach events. This includes, but is not limited to, hosting an information table and speaking engagements.   A community engagement volunteer must:  Have gone through pre-service training and swearing-in  Signed and submitted the COVID-19 acknowledgement… Read more »

CFE Assistant Acknowledgement Form

It is the goal of CASA of Galveston County to implement Collaborative Family Engagement on every case so that each child’s network of healthy and caring adults can be identified, connected, and strengthened.  The CFE Assistant is a current CASA of Galveston County Advocate that is in good standing with the agency who supports the… Read more »