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CFE Assistant Acknowledgement Form

It is the goal of CASA of Galveston County to implement Collaborative Family Engagement on every case so that each child’s network of healthy and caring adults can be identified, connected, and strengthened. 

The CFE Assistant is a current CASA of Galveston County Advocate that is in good standing with the agency who supports the CFE Coordinator by completing assigned CFE activities as needed. 

The CASA of Galveston County CFE Assistant is a meaningful way to support CASA and serve children by either not working a current case or in addition to working a case currently. As a CFE Assistant, you could complete the Affidavit Discovery Form (ADF), which is an internal document that is completed at the start of every new case that our agency is assigned to. This document is to be complete within seven business days of receiving the Original Affidavit. It takes approximately 30-60 minutes to read the Affidavit and fill out the Affidavit Discovery Form. Another creative way to serve as a CFE Assistant is to conduct CFE Family Searches utilizing the Family Connections, Connect Our Kids search engine.  

After an initial, one-time training and registration through Family Connections, the CFE Assistant can conduct maternal, paternal, or both searches using this site which takes approximately 30-120 minutes to complete, depending upon complexity. The search results are to be complete within seven business days of receiving the case. 


I acknowledge that I understand the role and responsibilities of the CFE Assistant and agree to perform the duties to the best of my ability.    

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