Volunteer Spotlight: Luwannah

Meet Luwannah, a volunteer advocate with CASA of Galveston County! Find out why she chose to become an advocate on this Motivation Monday!

Hi, my name is Luwannah Lamas! I have been a CASA for a short period of time, as I was sworn in November of 2018! My fiancé (Jeremy) and I had been licensed foster to adopt parents for quite some time, and unfortunately, life got a little crazy, so we had to take a step back from fostering to adopt. I wish I was still in the position to foster to adopt, and to help the children who need it, but with the recent life changes, we felt it was no longer an option for our family.

When life gave us lemons, I chose to make lemonade! While we were foster parents, I had the best experience with our CASA; she literally changed our lives and brightened our situation, the best she could. I decided that although we were no longer in the position to foster to adopt, I wanted to help any way I could… maybe I could help behind the scenes as a CASA? Luckily, I am a realtor, and my schedule allows me to spend the time needed, as an advocate, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children on the case I have been assigned. I look forward to getting to know them more, and enjoying the smiles they continue to have. I pray I can be the change I wish to see in this world, starting with advocating for the foster children of Galveston County.