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Volunteer Spotlight: Chris

Meet Chris, a volunteer advocate with CASA of Galveston County! Learn why he feels CASA isn’t for him.

I found CASA by recommendation from my brother. Previous to that, I had no knowledge of the organization or really any exposure to the environment that I now find myself in. We stayed up on the phone one night as he told me about this program that he thought was interesting. I found myself in the offices of CASA in Texas City shortly after getting interviewed by Kathryn and Alice. Both of which, I am fairly certain, accepted me on the curve with several asterisks next to any recommendations. I went where they asked me to go, I did what the asked me to do, and I learned what they asked me to learn. I graduated, got my name tag, and Connie offered me my first case.

I knocked on the door and two fresh, teenage faces greeted me. One boy, one girl, twins. I knew their past and where they had been. I knew the road that lay in front of them. I also knew instantly, that this was not for me.

I have volunteered throughout my life. I have chased my interests through volunteering. I have learned new trades, and been exposed to new adventures. I have volunteered to explore different career paths and gain access to opportunities. As the door slowly opened I saw her smile, then giggle at me. Her brother, hiding behind the door bickered, then pushed forward and gave me a goofy grin. Being a CASA volunteer was not for me. In that moment, I realized it was for them. I have held to that feeling from that moment. They are my children. They are lucky, and loved, and in a good place. I help where I am needed. I provide one face they can trust, and count on. I take pride in this.

I am a father to two sons. I am a husband to a wife of 24 years. I have been with my Software Engineering firm for 27 years. I boat, I fish, I work, and I play. I am also a CASA advocate.