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Volunteer Spotlight: Misty

Meet Misty, a CASA volunteer since 2017. Learn why she got started & what advice she has for other volunteers!

At a mission trip to an orphanage in Haiti my heart went out to what happens to the kiddos that age out. They deserve a voice to help them prosper into adulthood especially since they don’t have parents that can assist with that.

My friend & I were meeting at Panera Bread to talk & shared our hearts for orphans & by the bathroom was a flyer for CASA. We both knew we had to check it out. Well of course we signed up, got sworn in together & are both still serving.

My biggest advice would be to log all of your calls, texts, visits, etc. as soon as it happens. And add follow up calls, court dates, doctor visit follow ups & court reports due dates ūüė≥ in your calendar. And schedule a little time each week to follow up instead of waiting til last minute like I do.

It has been truly a blessing & rewarding to serve as a CASA. So happy there is an organization that actually helps be a voice for kiddos that need to be heard.