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Employee Handbook Acknowledgement

  • I acknowledge receipt of CASA of Galveston County’s Employee Handbook. I agree to familiarize myself with the information in this handbook and to observe the guidelines set forth herein. I understand that this handbook does not form a contract between Galveston CASA and me; it is only intended as a general statement of current Galveston CASA employment practices. I also understand that Galveston CASA may change, rescind, or add to any procedures, benefits, or practices described in this Handbook from time to time at its sole discretion, with or without prior notice to any employee. I understand that such changes will be communicated through official notice. I also understand that in the event that verbal or written communications issued before or subsequent to my receipt of this Handbook appear to alter the contents of this Handbook, the guidelines set forth herein will be considered the official position of Galveston CASA unless the Handbook is revised in writing. I understand that this Handbook supersedes all prior personnel policies, verbal communications, staff meeting minutes, and/or management memos which may have been previously issued on subjects herein. I also understand and agree that my employment with Galveston CASA is strictly voluntary and at-will on both sides and may be terminated by either me or Galveston CASA at any time, with or without notice, with or without cause or reason. This mutual “at-will” relationship can only be changed in writing signed by me and the Executive Director. I acknowledge that no promises or representations inconsistent with this at-will relationship have been made to me. I also acknowledge that no future statements interpreted by me as promises or representations inconsistent with our at-will relationship are binding, and that this at-will relationship is the final and binding term of my employment with Galveston CASA.
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