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Advocate QA Panel

Join us virtually on July 7th, 11:3o am -1 pm to hear some of our tenured CASA advocates answer your questions! Whether it’s a topic that was covered in training that you’d like more information on, or perhaps its an issue you are having in your case and you need advice from a more seasoned volunteer – this will be the perfect time to lean on your peers and ask for some insight and suggestions! Zoom link provided upon registration.

Meet the Advocate Panel!
Mickey House has been an advocate for 2.5 years! Mickey is funny, kind, big-hearted and dedicated. Mickey’s engaging personality is embraced by all who meet him; especially the children.  During the adoption of one of his CASA children last November – when the child saw Mickey on Zoom he grew so excited. All the parties mentioned that when they saw the child the person the child talked about the most was Mickey. Mickey is a “get on the floor and play” kind of advocate. This type of engagement is healing for a child who has experienced trauma. It shows the child he or she is valued. Personal and meaningful engagement can be calming to a child whose trust has been broken. When you meet Mickey, you will understand!
Annette Miller has been an advocate for 4.5 years! She was instrumental in applying the Collaborative Family Engagement tools with one of her families when we launched our participation in the statewide process. The use of these tools was transformative for the family because of Annette’s dedication. She was committed to the process and the result was life changing for all.  Annette is kind, dedicated, resourceful, committed, and creative. Annette presents the facts as the facts and straightforward and objective. She strives for accountability for all involved because she knows it is in the best interest of the children. Annette and her husband have their bucket lists – ask her about them!  Find out what they have accomplished!
Kristi Mayfield has been an advocate for 4 years! Kristi has championed parents throughout her service. She is resourceful and finds ways to create partnerships and connections. Kristi is kind, dedicated, thorough, committed and a team player. She embraces, empowers, and encourages parents to believe in themselves and works to build the supports around them for success. Kristi is a natural advocate who has encountered difficult situations during her service. But Kristi’s professionalism is key to building relationships with all involved because she believes every child deserves the best advocacy
Kathryn Holmes has been part of CASA of Galveston County since 2017 when she was our Recruitment, Training and Communications Director. Kathryn returned in 2020 after a leave, to serve as a volunteer. Kathyrn has this unique ability to bring out the best in anyone. She is kind-hearted, a great listener, dedicated, organized, thoughtful, and genuine. Ask her how she can navigate different personalities on a case and build successful communication channels! She believes in the best interest model and promotes normalcy and resilience in her day-to-day advocacy.
Vicki Walston has been an advocate for 3 years. She is currently assigned to 4 families and navigates each with ease, commitment, and dedication. Vicki has outstanding organizational skills and it shows in her contact logs and court reports. Ask Vicki how she stays organized and prioritizes her CASA duties! Vicki also has a big heart, is honest, open, and confident. Her testimony in court is child-centered and fact-based while bringing the needs of the children before the court. Vicki is a team player and interacts professionally with everyone she encounters.