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Advocate QA Panels

Join us virtually on March 18th, 11:3o am -1 pm to hear some of our tenured CASA advocates answer your questions! Whether it’s a topic that was covered in training that you’d like more information on, or perhaps its an issue you are having in your case and you need advice from a more seasoned volunteer – this will be the perfect time to lean on your peers and ask for some insight and suggestions! Zoom link provided upon registration.

Meet the Advocate Panel!
Marte Hersey has been an advocate for four years. Marte is a servant leader.  She is always for what is best for the community and for those she serves.  Her CASA advocacy experience encompasses multi-sibling groups in multi-placements.  She works collaboratively with all parties and is very thorough in her information gathering. Marte, through her patient demeanor, builds strong bonds with the children who experience what true trust looks like with an adult role model.  Recently an attorney described her as an “out of box thinker.”  This attorney speaks very highly of Marte every chance she gets. Marte ensured that children disconnected from their siblings remained connected because of their strong bonds. Marte is loyal, committed, kind, gentle, patient and giving. If you are a cat lover – she also cares for community cats that become abandoned.
Fred Pellerito has been an advocate for almost two years. Fred also serves on our newly formed Education Committee. He has served one child since his CASA journey began and has been a stable, consistent adult figure throughout. Fred’s advocacy includes education advocacy on behalf of his CASA child.  This child is available for adoption and he has been navigating the process of finding permanency for him including review of potential forever placements. Fred also serves as a tutor on another case – and rave reviews are coming in!  Fred is kind, compassionate, funny, and engaging.
Star Hill has been an advocate for a year and a half.  Her first name speaks for itself.  Star is a star advocate and currently advocates for six children (four in one case and two in another case).  Star is organized, thorough, and dependable.  Star’s advocacy includes children ages 1 to 17.  Navigating education, health, and social emotional health for children of all ages is a strength Star has displayed throughout her advocacy.
Emily Johnson has been an advocate for almost one year.  Emily advocates for a teen who has experienced serious trauma and isolation.  Emily has extensive professional experience advocating for adults who have limited capacity to advocate for themselves.  Emily brings a specialized lens to this unique situation.  Her due diligence and advocacy can be described as persistent and thorough.  Emily has formed a trusting relationship with the child who is not a typical teenager due to her experiences.  She sees this child’s strengths while also noting this child’s true capacity.  Emily is smart, open, understanding, and intelligent.  She brings a very special perspective to the needs of the child.  Emily was our Rookie Advocate of the Year for 2020!