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Volunteer Appreciation: Louise Sawyer

Louise Sawyer

Education Advocate of the Year

Louise Sawyer has gone above and beyond regarding educational advocacy multiple times. When the youth was required to return to in-person school with health issues that made it unsafe for her to, she worked with the school to come up with safer solutions. Louise also found resources to help the youth maintain academic success.  When the youth was in danger of being released from an academically advanced program, Louise empowered the youth to contact school administration herself and make a plan so she could remain in the program. Not only will the program have a positive impact on this youth’s future but teaching her to advocate for herself is immeasurable.

Louise is constantly looking at the bigger picture and helping the family work towards what will best for them long-term. She is inquisitive and focuses on solutions and has urged schools to look at youth on her case as an individual with individual needs.