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Volunteer Appreciation: Suzanne White

Suzanne White Innovative Advocate of the Year! Creativity and thinking outside the box is always appreciated by our kiddos, but especially as we navigated our advocacy through a pandemic. Suzanne White – thank you for your innovation in a most challenging year! Suzanne downloaded the GenoPro Software and created a Genogram based on the initial… Read more »

Volunteer Appreciation: Kristin Limke

Kristin Limke Rookie of the Year It’s hard to be the new kid on the block….the first few weeks and months as a CASA are exciting, educational, and at times overwhelming! But this rookie took it all in stride and went above and beyond! Congratulations to Kristin Limke, our Rookie of the Year! Kristin jumped… Read more »

Volunteer Appreciation: Chris Spiller

Chris Spiller Medical Advocate of the Year Chris Spiller has visited the child in the hospital during regular blood transfusions, been extensively involved in keeping up with his medical care through several changes in foster homes and continues to follow up with his care team every week.   Chris has kept an extraordinarily detailed list of the… Read more »

Volunteer Appreciation: Louise Sawyer

Louise Sawyer Education Advocate of the Year Louise Sawyer has gone above and beyond regarding educational advocacy multiple times. When the youth was required to return to in-person school with health issues that made it unsafe for her to, she worked with the school to come up with safer solutions. Louise also found resources to… Read more »

Volunteer Appreciation: Mark Knox

Mark Knox Advocate of the Year! Mark Knox has never been shy to take on new cases. He has worked extensively with parents and children to build a rapport and help families to be successful. He goes out of his way to spend time at each visit playing games with children on his cases and visits for… Read more »