Volunteer Appreciation: Suzanne White

Suzanne White

Innovative Advocate of the Year!

Creativity and thinking outside the box is always appreciated by our kiddos, but especially as we navigated our advocacy through a pandemic. Suzanne White – thank you for your innovation in a most challenging year! Suzanne downloaded the GenoPro Software and created a Genogram based on the initial maternal and paternal CFE Family Search results. She used that family tree to do further digging and requested two additional CFE Family Searches for extended relatives that may live in the area. She contacted several of those family members, including by sending CFE Letters, to learn more about her CASA kids and potential connections for them. She has updated the Genogram family tree each time she learned new information. Suzanne has fully embraced Collaborative Family Engagement and implemented it beautifully in her case. She is unstoppable and works tirelessly to find support and connections for her CASA kids. Suzanne’s innovative advocacy has gone above and beyond to build a lifetime network for these children.