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Advocate Spotlight: Lori

I became a CASA in Spring 2016 with my husband and children’s support. Though I am the official CASA volunteer, this is a family effort. My then college-age daughter attended my swearing-in and has since joined the staff (Kasey Warren) at CASA of Galveston County My youngest Emily (who was adopted through CPS) has helped me wrap and deliver Christmas presents to the children’s placement and until COVID she would participate in the annual fundraiser, “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes.”
I love my role as a CASA Volunteer. As a volunteer I have more time and freedom to find out more about the children’s lives. I have attended IEPs, doctor visits, parent visits, hospital rooms and my fair share of mediations. I have had many cases since 2016 and I have advocated for adoption or to return to the child’s parents.
My husband and I love to travel and try to take a cruise or a driving vacation every year or so. We always have a destination the first night but we never know were we will end up. Life is like that…. you may have a plan for the day but life can send you in a different direction so just sit back and enjoy the ride.