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Advocate Spotlight: Stuart

I have been a CASA volunteer since September 2018. After I retired and my youngest child went off to college, I wanted to use the extra spare time to serve the youth in the community. I found out about CASA through a newspaper advertisement and discovered it was a great way to help children who really need… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Lori

I became a CASA in Spring 2016 with my husband and children’s support. Though I am the official CASA volunteer, this is a family effort. My then college-age daughter attended my swearing-in and has since joined the staff (Kasey Warren) at CASA of Galveston County My youngest Emily (who was adopted through CPS) has helped me wrap and… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Nancy

My name is Nancy Sims and I am a CASA. As a devout Catholic, I was inspired to reach out to CASA by the words and example of Pope Francis – “It is not enough to say we are Christians. We must live the faith, not only with our words, but with our actions.” I attended… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Louise

Three years after retiring, I found that I yearned for continued learning opportunities, along with meaningful personal growth. After reading about CASA in a community newsletter, and then attending a short information session; I was confident that volunteerism was my answer. Through CASA of Galveston County, I have learned so much about the foster care… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Jane

I first learned of CASA while I was still working at Mainland Medical Center, and upon my retirement in 2012, I became a CASA Volunteer. After my husband’s death in 2016, I took a break but returned to CASA just as Covid hit in early 2020. My favorite CASA experiences were the two joyous adoptions of three of my CASA kids. There have been some… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Kat

After retiring from UTMB in September of 2015, I wondered, how did I ever have time to work? I searched for an organization that could put my analytical and natural abilities to use. I had heard of CASA and researched our local agency. In 2017, I believed CASA of Galveston County to be a good fit for me, as I’ve spent… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Megan

“I first heard about CASA when I was working at a residential treatment center in Austin about ten years ago. Since then, it’s always been in my head as an interest, I just didn’t have the time for it until moving to Galveston. As a CASA, I’ve enjoyed the training (props to making an interactive… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: LaKendra

Being a CASA volunteer has been a goal of mine for years; I first learned about CASA while volunteering as a legal intern with RCC in Galveston. When the time and opportunity opened for me to apply as a CASA volunteer, I signed up right away! CASA has been a very rewarding experience for me- what I… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Lynn

Hi, I’m Lynn Roelke. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to Texas in the 90’s. After raising our kids in Bryan/College Station my husband and I moved to Galveston a year and a half ago for him to take a position at Texas A&M Galveston. I’ve been a realtor for about 10… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: Lori

I became a CASA volunteer after deciding I wanted to contribute more directly to my community. CASA gives me the opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable children using skills from my career and then learning so much more. Becoming a CASA has been a win-win as I feel I have gotten as much… Read more »