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Advocate Spotlight: Jesse

The way I got involved with CASA was through a personal friend and coworker. He invited me to a CASA meeting and I was hooked. I like to help people. Helping kids in need is truly rewarding.
After learning the ins and outs of the CASA program, I feel and hope that my being an advocate can help a child from making the wrong choices. Keeping a family together is the ultimate goal, if possible.
Retired since 2017 after 37 years
What do I do in my spare time:
In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking, BBQing, camping, and spending time with our grandchildren.
My favorite quote:
Don’t judge people for the choices they make. You don’t know their circumstances or the options they had to choose from.
My experience with CASA:
I would tell an incoming advocate that the job can be very rewarding when you see a child in need is being helped. At the same time, it can also be sad. Just remember, you are there to be a voice for the kids. What you say does matter.